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May 15th, 2017


Bestek Product News


Thanks to all BESTEK customers who shared their happy experiences with BESTKE products in Instagram, a big social platform. There, we know how much convenience and happiness BESTEK brought to customers’ life and we also know where we need to improve or update in order to provide better product experiences.

BESTEK has strived to design and develop multiple kinds of products, ranging from automobile accessories, power devices to home appliances, outdoor gadget. In the past ten years, BESTEK has gained an increasing popularity all over the world. Glad that people from different countries love BESTEK products and share their ideas about them with others. Here are some Instagram fans and their sharing of BESTEK product experience.

Home Appliances
As a global famous consumer electronic brand, BESTEK designs products based on humanity. No matter cooking devices like pressure cooker and juice blender, or home improvements like aroma oil diffuser, LED desk light, you can find its convenience, intelligence and benefits.

Instagram fan, zonakayla
May this new month be more peaceful


Instagram fan, soap_lakay
I got this
Aroma Diffuser best thing ever... @naturallymeandyou I love all the different colors. #bestek #aromadiffuser#amazonprime
naturallymeandyouI have 3 like that. I absolutely LOVE mine
amazzia wow!


Instagram fan, derhonda89I
have been wanting a
electric pressure cooker for a while now, so I was excited to get this one. Bestesk pressure cooker, is so easy to use and puts  those old fashion pressure cookers to shame.  Bestesk pressure cooker came with a steamer insert and rice scoop and  another spoon and a small measuring cup and a instruction booklet. I tried it out on the first night I got it home, and I made pork chops and  asparagus  with mushrooms with a balsamic sauce and it turned out so delicious. I was very impressed  and so was my husband with the end results the pork chops were so tender and flavorful. I  was able to throw frozen pork chops  in and add the rest ingredients in and the end results was a wonderful dinner. So this is a great addition to our kitchen and we will be using it a lot.  #Bestek#electricpressurecooker # mustneeded #kitchen #goodfood


Good Travel Devices
Traveling is an enjoyable thing for most people. But battery charging becomes a question on the road, especially when you want to take more than one electronic devices. For more travellers, cellphones, digital cameras are dispensable, so it is troublesome when multi devices are dying. Besides, if you want to go abroad, you may find it a headache that there is no enough sockets while you have multi charging requirements. BESTKE has colorful travel devices, portable power inverter for road trip, powerful voltage converter for abroad trip, and compact power strip for business trip. Enjoy continuous pleasure with devices on the go all the way.

Instagram fan, sophiemaltese2011

If you got lots of electronic gizmos, you gotta get this
BESTEK 8-outlet power strip.


 Instagram fan, vgsteady
#BESTEK #SteadyVGReviews#
VoltageConverter #SurgeProtector#PowerStrip #USBCharger#


Instagram fan, juandandovueltas
@pauvidal sin problema lo pasa a un máximo de 150w en este caso, para así conectar el ordenador si lo necesito, los hay de menos W para otro dispositivos, pero con este puedes cargar tres a la vez, 2 por USB y uno por enchufe.


Outdoor Gadgets
Nature is always attractive, appealing more and more people like to go outside world to find peace, truth, nature beauties or fitness. BESTEK right now has a few outdoor products including camera bags, luggage bag and rifle scope. BESTEK outdoor products are fewer but better. BESTEK camera bags are rather popular for outdoor photographers because of durability, compact design, and portability. With BESTEK outdoor products, start a casual lifestyle.

Instagram fan, tooces
I finally found a favorite. The direct phrase is answered! # camerasbag #Bestek#


 Instagram fan, charliefeet
Keep calm and get ready for the #weekend.


Instagram fan, pavguk
To realize your potential, 'dare to be different'


 Elctronic Accessaries
For some people, electronic accessories are impressive and not that important in life. Even though, BESTEK also spare no efforts to do every accessory better. No matter cellphone holder stands, or tablet mounts, all these accessories are flexible and durable, to help get more happiness for electronics.

Instagram fan, \ysk_4_2_7
Holder mounting. If you put the stay upside down with the example of wearing theory, it was able to set in a good position#bestek



  Of course, there are more customers who have shared their happiness with us. Thanks for your love and welcome every to buy and experience BESTKE products. By the way, today is the Mother’s Day. BESTEK giveaway has started. For more information, please click here.

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