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March 13th, 2017



The tremendous growth of automobile industry makes it common to own a private car. With more and more spare time spent in car, you may be dying to use almost all electronics you have on the road.

Thanks to the great talents and advanced technologies, BESTEK made some contributions to the designing and manufacturing of power inverters. Honestly speaking, power inverter is also a process of voltage inverter like power adapter. The difference lies in that the power inverter changes direct current into alternative current, while the power adapter is just the opposite. Power inverter is widely welcomed in public since it was born. No matter you’re going to have self-driving travel or work out, it is easier to use home appliances like refrigerator, electric cooker, vacuum cleaner, and home appliances like cellphones, CD players, etc.

power inverter, along with American Belkin, Shanghai NFA are the top power inverter brands that has been approved by CE and RoHS. As a leading power inverter brand, BESTEK adheres to “Best Quality, Best Using Experience” and has you covered in its own way. We’ve created more than 10 power inverters, including 75W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 600W, 1000W, and 2000W, to meet your every charging requirement on the road and provide you an easier and happier driving journey.
What’s more about BESTEK power inverters   

5 features of these power inverters made by BESTEK.

1. Higher Performance
car power inverter has one or two AC 110V outlets and USB ports. When the system works normally, tiny fluctuation of input voltage within a certain rage is in fact allowed, for example, the fluctuation within±3 % or±5%. When the system load is disturbed or has mutations, then its input voltage deviation should be less than ±8% or±10%. About BESTEK, power inverters always perform better. 150W provides 150 watts continuous DC to AC power and 360 watts of peak power.200W with two 110V AC outlets and 2 USB ports provide 400 Watt of peak power. 300W with two 110V AC outlets and 2 USB ports provide 700 Watt of peak power. And 1000W can provide 2400 watt of peak power. BESTEK power inverter is great for charging 200W Car Power Inverter with two 110V AC outlets and 2 USB ports provide 400 Watt of peak power. Compared to other Amazon power inverters, for example 150W, the peak power of 150W BESTEK inverter is 360W, while other brands like AUKEY, Bapds, Uinstone, 150W power inverter provides 300W peak power, 60W less than BESTEK.

2. Fast & Smart Charging

Aside from 2 AC outlets, BESTEK power inverter also has two or four USB ports, allowing you to charge up to 4 or more devices at the same time without blocking each other. We applied the QC technology, the USB charging station also performs its best ability. For instance, two USB ports of
150W inverter with in all DC 5V, 3.1A output can automatically detect and deliver the fastest speed of each port to charge your devices much faster. One port with 1A and other with 2.1A, special for iPad, you can charge any mobile devices or appliances, including iPhones, iPads, tablets, MP3 players, cameras, etc, in car freely just like at home.

3. Multiple Safety Guard
As the saying goes, safety first. BESTEK always keeps this in mind. BESTEK power inverter has been designed with full protections. Built-in fuse, your devices can be well protected from damages of over-voltage, overload, overheating, and short circuit and keeps your family members away from electric shock. Auto-shutdown switches can also stop risks in time and reduce damages. In some degree, it is necessary for car users to have a
power inverter for the benefit of both personal security and your devices.

4. Ultra Compact
power inverters are iPhone-sized with light weight, allowing you to put the inverters in the storage box or car kit box, space-saving and easy to store. Ultra compact design makes it ideal for traveling, business or outdoor activities.

5. Emergency Function
Designed with multiple AC and USB charging stations, the BESTEK
power inverter can meet you varieties of charging requirements when there is power failure or in remote areas.

What else?
As mentioned above, BESTEK not only pays much attention to product quality, but also focuses on customer using experience.

1. Warm Tips Of using Power Inverter
BESTEK summarized every possible precautions through many times of tests, in order to guide users to use our product correctly in case of any potential risks that may bring harms to both devices and your health. No matter what brand of power inverter you use, you’d better notice some points.
A. Please choose the right
power inverter that matches your car. Each power inverter has its own rated voltage, like DC 12V OR DC 24V. Please choose one with the same input voltage with that of battery.
B. Please use battery clips when using it for devices over rated power. The output voltage of power inverter must be larger than serving voltage, especially when you use refrigerator and air-condition.
C. Please correctly connect the positive and negative electrode, or short-circuit may occur.
D. Please fully clip on the two clips to the battery, or the fuse may be damaged easily.

2. Friendly After-sale Service
BESEK is confident in its products. We provide 18 months valid warranty. We also have the best customer services. Feel free to consult any questions about products, shipping and so on.

3. Any Product Suggestion Is Kindly Welcomed
Critics makes progress. We are ready to listen to any voice about our product and services with an open mind. Any product suggestions will be much accounted of to make out products better.

To make everyone’s life easier, cozier and funnier, BESTEK will never cease to creations.

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