BESTEK Top 4 USB Charging Stations

May 25th, 2017


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If you’re troubled in how to charge so many of your gadgets, it’s time to get a USB charging stations which can allow you to feed multi devices at the same time. There are mainly three types of USB chargers, including wall charger, corded hub and organizers. BESTEK USB chargers mainly contain wall charger and corded hub.

There are many brands of USB charging stations for you to choose. Here mainly introduce BESTEK top USB charging stations. BESTEK USB chargers feature multi USB ports like other brands do, but BESTEK USB chargers are distinguished with special features. Let’s look the top 4 USB charging stations in turn.

Top one: 35W wall charger with 4 USB ports
This is a
multi USB wall charger along with 4 USB ports and exclusively 3 plug adapters. It is portable and international, ideal for world-wide traveling.
* 4 USB ports: total 5.2A max output, 2.4A max each ports, enable charging 4 tablets simultaneously.
* Smart IC technology: each port can automatically detect and deliver the fastest current.
* International compatibility: 100~240V standard, included US/UK/EU adapters, suitable for travel, business and home.
* Full protections: protect your device against overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage, etc.

Top two: 30W corded USB charger with 4USB port, Type-C included
corded hub is unique because of its special appearance and design. Compact and potable, it is also suitable for travel and business.
* 3 USB ports: equipped with IC technology, allow charging 3 devices simultaneously with the optimal speed.
* 1 type-C charger: QC charge with max 5V, 3A, for iPhones, Galaxy, HTC and more.
* International charger: standard 100V~240V, is ideal for worldwide travel and business.
* Unique design: snail appearance, ultra compact and lovely.


Top three: 40W USB charging hub with 6 ports included type-c charger

USB charger is designed with 5 USB ports and 1 type-c charger, as well as a long power cord.
*5 USB ports: smart IC USB ports, enable charging 5 devices simultaneously with optimal speed automatically.
* Type-c charger: max 5V 3A, allow to charge tablets at full speed.
* International: 110V~240V standard and compact, perfect for travel and business.
* Long cord: allow you to charge gadgets anywhere freely. (Please prepare for a plug adapter if you want to use it abroad.)
* Full protections: built-in premium circuit protection system, fire-resistant housing, safe and durable.


Top four: 20W USB wall charger with 2 USB ports, 5000mAh external battery
20W USB wall charger comes with 2 USB ports, and especially with external battery and micro USB cable. This is a combination of USB hub, external battery and micro USB charger.
*2 USB ports: max 2.4A each port, automatically start charging and off when it’s full.
* External battery: 5000mAh portable back-up battery, ideal for outdoors, emergency or power failure.
* One micro USB charging cable: comes with a USB cable for Android devices.
* International compatibility: standard 100~240V, foldable plug, ultra compact, ideal for worldwide travel and business.


Same with other USB charging stations, BESTEK USB chargers are designed with multi USB ports, allowing you to power up multiple electronic devices at the same time. But different from others, BESTEK top four USB chargers feature other special features, more convenient and effective.

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