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June 1st, 2017


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Cellphone charging speed become increasingly faster than before not only as the mobile phone system updates constantly, but because more and more people rely on cellphones with quickly updated handset functions. Therefore it is considerably essential to apply the QC technology.

What is QC technology?
As we all know, traditional USB charger can only support DC5V and less than 2A current due to the limited current a Micro USB can accept, so it may need to take several hours to fully charge mobile phones. However, the QC technology breaks this restriction and allows you to charge cellphone in a short time, 50% faster than before.

To realize fast charging, there are mainly three ways, boosting current, boosting voltage, and raise current and voltage at the same time. With these three methods, some manufacturers have pulled through the cellphone quick charging. Up to now, three manufacturers are respectively representatives of the three QC methods. OPPO VOOC is typical of low voltage quick charger which increases the current with the same 5V voltage. Qualcomm QC is the most common QC technology that provides different voltage levels, including 5V, 9V, 12V and 20V. A Qualcomm QC charger can feed cellphone on 80% energy within 35mins. And Pump Express makes it faster to charge a cellphone by boosting both current and voltage.

How does a QC charger work?
To better know the QC technology, here please look at two physical equations. The first one is the equation of W=P (power) x T (time) which tells us that the P (power) determines the time to charge a device. The larger the power, less time it will take to finish charging. Another equation is P = U (voltage) x I (current). This equation let us know that the power can be boosted by increasing voltage and current. That is why the three QC methods mentioned above can be applied into life.

Why BESTEK can help to save your time?
To allow BESTEK customers charge cellphones or other mobile devices faster especially when someone is anxious to use cellphones but it is dying soon. Despite that you have a backup battery or a power bank, you may have to wait for some time if you don’t have a charger that supports quick charge.

Apart from BESTEK USB charger, most BESTEK products which is designed with USB ports like power strip, power inverter, car jump starter and car cigarette lighter, also apply USB QC technology. Most BESTEK USB devices are built-in Qualcomm QC 2.0 technology that supports max 3A current. In addition, BESTEK USB chargers use IC technology that can automatically detect and deliver the fastest current for each port.

BESTEK 8-outlet power strip
4 USB ports, 5.2A total and two with 2.4A

BESTEK 5600mAh car jump starter
5V/2.1A USB output

BESTEK 300W power inverter
Dual USB ports, DC5V 3.1A rated

BESTEK 3-socket cigarette lighter
Four USB ports, 5.2A total, two with 2.4A, and one with auto 0~2.4A

BESTEK 4-port USB charger
Four USB ports, 2.4A output each

Thanks to advanced QC charger technology, it is easier and faster to charge a cellphone and other mobile devices. Updated QC technology has improved the charging efficiency and also reduced the damage to battery. BESTEK will go on for quick charging and sure that charging speed will be faster and faster.

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