Power Inverter, a Driving Buddy You Can’t Reject

March 8th, 2017


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In today’s fast developing world, car power inverter gradually highlights its value for car users and has been played an increasingly important role over the years due to the flourishing automobile industry and tremendous inventions and demands of all sorts of electronics.

The footstep of human never comes to a halt. Since Karl Benz, a famous German mechanical engineer, invented the world’s first gasoline powered car in 1883, all brands of cars have been emerging in an endless stream, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Chevrolet, Benz, BMW, etc. Citing the data from ALG, the report says “average incentives on new vehicles jumped 20 percent last month compared to December 2015, to an average of $3,673”. Along with the car popularize trend, it is not a priority of the rich to have cars any more. Driving to office, driving home and self-driving travel, car became an indispensable companion for today’s modern life.

In the other aspect, a varieties of electronics has sprung up like mushrooms, including home electronic appliances, mobile devices, PC accessories, in-car kits, and other electronic tools for indoor and outdoor use, which bring much convenience to life and changed the way of human living to some extent. It is easy to find people caring cell phones, listening to music by earphones or amplifiers, watching videos by iPad or tablets, at home, in office, in the street or in the car. As you can see, electronics has bled into everyone’s life already. Maybe you're playing cellphone or computer right now.

With the high speed of automobile developing and high demands of electronics, power inverter comes forth overwhelmingly. Power inverter can change direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The output of a power inverter with the input of DC12V form cigarette lighter can be 20W, 40W, 80W, 120W, 150W, or even much higher, making it easier to use common home appliances, like cellphones, iPads, laptops, cameras, CD player, game machine, etc. Self-driving becomes more and more popular these days. Car refrigerator, car vacuum cleaner, handheld radio, first-aid kit and so on, are necessary on road trip and power inverter is ready to charge these electronics smoothly all the way. A power inverter may be an important life saver in remote areas when there’s power off. The report shows that 90% of people has installed power inverters in their car. In a word, power inverter is a nice driving buddy, which is undeniable.

To have an easier and happier driving and traveling, you can’t reject the embrace of a
car power inverter.

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