How to choose a good power inverter?

May 16th, 2017


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Power inverters are not new for those who have a power inverter. A car power inverter helps to deal with the problem of charging electronics or appliances on the road when going out for traveling or business. It is an electronic device that can convert DC power into AC household power. The power source comes for car battery, so having a power inverter can ensure long-lasting power for your devices and keep them on the go. Some people may know what a power inverter is and how to sue it, but don’t exactly know which one is better or suitable for yourself. Any electronic device has potential hazards if it is an inferior or used improperly. Therefore, it is important to choose a good power inverter. Here are several tips for you to choose a suitable power inverter.

First: choose a power inverter matching the voltage of car battery

First of all, confirm what the voltage of your car battery is. Commonly, a car uses DC 12V current, but some vehicles which use diesel engine including the bus, the truck, usually use DC 24V and rarely use DC 12V. Every power inverter has rated direct current and the output direct current must be accord with that of the battery voltage. If your car battery is DC 12V, then you must choose a power inverter that works for DC 12V. Some power inverters are compatible with both DC 12V and DC 24V.

Second: output current of a power inverter should be higher than the max power of an appliance.
power inverter has a rated max power. If you use it to charge an electronic device or an appliance that need higher power than the inverter can work with, it is easy to cause damages to your devices and even fire accidents because of overloading. If you have chosen a power inverter already, you’d better not use high power appliances and commonly restrict the overall loading within its rated power. If you don’t have one and want to choose one, then choose one with a suitable power that can allow you to use what appliances you have to use in the car.

Three: choose a split power inverter not a one-piece unit
A split power inverter comes with a long power cable that avoids you to plug it into the cigarette lighter socket directly, which may cause poor connection because of bumping on the road. As the one-piece power inverter is plugged into the cigarette lighter, it is easy to influence the operation of gear switching. If operate the gears improperly, it is easy to cause traffic accidents. It is also inconvenient for the backseats to charge electronic devices. Besides, one-piece unit is made of plastic which is easy to heat up and even cause fire.

Four: choose a power inverter with metal housing
Power inverters are easy to heat up because of high power. If the high temperature inside the unit can’t emit timely, some components will be damaged and their life will be shortened, and even will cause fire. A metal housing has good heat dissipation and can’t get burned and cause fire, so don’t choose one with plastic material.

Five: whether the power inverter has full protections
A good power inverter should be equipped with safety protection systems in all directions so that your devices and your car can be well protected timey. Without protections, it is easy to bring damages from overheating, overcurrent, over/low voltage, overloading, short-circuit. It is not new to see fire occurs during electronic or appliance charging. A power inverter with full protections can ensure you a safer charging environment. Also, a good power inverter should have sound-light alarm function to remind you to deal with emergency in time.

Six: about the power cord or cigarette lighter socket, it should be wood filled and thick enough with suitable length
Wood filled cigarette lighter socket can stand still without any deformation even under high temperature. But there are few wood filled sockets in the market right now. About the thickness and length, you’d better choose a thicker one with longer cable. A thicker cable can bear higher current and long cable can allow people in the backseat to charge their electronic devices, especially during a group travel.

Seven: whether the power inverter is from a reliable brand with standard certifications

car power inverters must have clear brand mark and company name on the body. And the device must measure up to the standards of national or international electronics. When you want to choose a reliable power inverter, look for some reliable brands like BESTEK. These brands guarantee you high quality and best customer service.

Power inverters are widely used all over the world. For those who have little knowledge of power inverter should pay more attention to its buying guides and proper usage. With a good power inverter, enjoy a safe and happy driving on the road. 

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