Hey, It's Time to Replace Your Surge Protector

March 20th, 2017


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Surge protectors also have their definite lifespan like most living things. Once a surge protector is used for several years, its functions and materials will be aging. In that case, the aging surge protector can’t protect your devices anymore, while will be possible bring many hidden risks if kept being used. Look at your surge protector or power strip, how long does it work for you? And is it still protective? If not, then it’s time for you to replace a new one.

It not easy to tell when a
surge protector has come to its ending life and its protective function is going to be worn off. But if your surge protector has been used for ten or more years, you need to check whether it functions just like a common power strip without any safety function.

First of all, why you need a
surge protector? Some people may think that a common power strip can also work well like a surge protector, while a surge protector is more expensive. Isn’t it a waste of money? These years, electronic fires occur anywhere. You can’t imagine when the similar danger happens near you. While a surge protector can almost avoid those dangerous hazards because of voltage spikes or incorrect usage. A surge protector is connected between charging devices and wall socket. When overloading, overvoltage, overcurrent or any other dangers occur, a surge protector can detect quickly and route the increased voltage to ground wires, thus providing safe power and protect your devices as well. If you have to charge multiple electronics and appliances at the same time, a simple power strip isn’t the best choice. Just pick up a surge protector power strip. After all, safety first. Actually, a surge protector isn’t expensive but cost-effective.

When you have had a
surge protector, don’t think you can rest easy. As mentioned above, an aging surge protector can also bring dangers to life. So learning how to tell when you need to replace your old surge protector is rather important. Before you are going to replace a new one, you also need to know something about Joules. Joules is a unit used to measure how much energy a surge protector can absorb before it stopped absorb any over voltage and provide protection to your devices. To some extent, Joules of a surge protector determine how much protection it can provide and how long it can work well for you. Each time when a surge protector absorb s surge or a spike, its extra voltage absorbing skills or said Joule rate will be decreased and wear out some day. The day is the time that warns you to buy a new surge protector. Commonly speaking, a 1000 Joules surge protector can take not more than 1000 Joules hits. Once the amount surpass its rated Joule, it comes to an end and it won’t provide any protection anymore.

There is no very effective way to tell you the exact lifespan of a
surge protector and it is difficult to tell when a surge protector wears out so that you should replace a new one. But you can learn to plan ahead by paying more attention to your purchasing and using.

Firstly, estimate its lifespan according to rated joules of a
surge protector listed in the product label. As mentioned above, Joule is an important unit to measure surge protector’s lifespan. The higher the rated Joules are, the longer a surge protector will be. Choose a surge protector with higher Joules rate. Another way is to check whether your surge protector stops functioning and protecting like before. Some surge protectors are designed with smart indicator lights that can alert you when there is problems. The problems may be related to common power problems, some may be a precaution to tell you that it is aging. But don’t depend on the indicator light to inform you whether it is a decade-old surge protector. While it is certain that when surges occur too frequently or you know you bought it many years ago, then it’s time to get a replacement. To sum up, you need to know two things: how long the lifespan a surge protector have. (To know this, you need to know its rated Joules.); how long a surge protector has been used (to know this, you should learn to tell whether its function and protection has worn out.)

It is not easy for most people as they may never take time to take heed of these small life issues. But it is really necessary. For the sake of your device and your family’s safety, go home and check whether you need to replace a new surge protector.

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