Questions & Tips of Using an In-car Refrigerator

May 19th, 2017


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Refrigerator is useful cooling equipment that helps keep foods fresh in low temperature and cool down liquids. People like to drink iced water, iced beer or iced coffee, especially in the hot summer days, so almost every family has a refrigerator. In-car refrigerator makes it more convenient for people to enjoy cool and fresh foods or drinking in outdoors. When going out for traveling or camping put a refrigerator in the trunk and start a happy road trip. It is disappointing on the road when something wrong happens. Here are some common questions and tips for you to ensure a perfect road trip.

Big noise disturbs my nap time
You may want to have a nice nap after lunch, but the small but annoying noise is always around your ears. If you hear the noise, please keep an eye on it.

Noises are often caused by fans. Fans directly determine the cooling effect of semiconductor
refrigerator. Noise occurs without fine detail treatments or accurate rotating speed positioning. Fans aging can also make noises. Once you find there is noise from the car refrigerator, check the fan first and then check the compressor if you have one. If nothing can be found, you should return it to the manufacturer and repair it.

No cooling function at all!
To check this problem, you need some small tools. If you have a semiconductor refrigerator, please check the fan first to see whether it rotates normally. Then check the current. If it is close to 5amp, that means no problem in PCB, safety switch and Peltier component. If there’s no current, check the voltage of Peltier component. If the voltage is 12 or more volts, you may need to change the component. If there is no voltage, then check whether the PCB or the fuses are broken. If no problems found, you should return and repair it.

Keep cooling continuously
This mainly occurs if your refrigerator is bought online. Products are easy to get broken on the road. Once the refrigerator is broken, chances are that the cooling function is damaged, thus making the temperature difficult to reach to the scheduled temperature and the cool temperature keeping leaking out. Therefore, check the item carefully when you receive it. If it is broken, get a new replacement.

High energy consumption
Energy consumption is always what people care about. Reliable refrigerator brands commonly pay attention to this problem and adopt fine craftsmanship. Poor quality refrigerator cost more energy, so you’d better choose a reliable or famous refrigerator brand. Another reason of high energy consumption is that the refrigerator has no safety devices, so it will continue working although your car stops and you forget turn it off. It is recommended to purchase refrigerator built-in safety systems.

Difference between real temperature and displayed temperature

As for those exclusive cars for drug delivery, it is necessary to test temperature of the refrigerator before putting it into use. When testing, please note that the displayed temperature may not be accorded with that the thermometer shows due to different positions.

Refrigerator is practical in life.
In-car refrigerator makes it possible to keep things fresh and get cooling drinks on the road. If you encounter the above questions, check it as talked.

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