Six Benefits of a Car Dash Cam

May 18th, 2017


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Car dash cam or car camera is a high tech gadget that is equipped with multiple beneficial functions. For some people, the car dashboard camera is still uncommon. Those who have a car dash cam must have realized its benefits but may not make full use of it. To help more car users to know something about car camera and make full uses of it, here are listed some important features for your reference.

Full HD video

The car camera is commonly designed with a LCD display, wide angle of view and high definition resolution. It can capture high quality images and record footages so that you can use it to record any details inside the car or to see the road ahead of you. The HD video can provide you with powerful evidence to prove any traffic behavior especially when you trapped in a traffic accident. On the other hand, when you go out for traveling with your friends or family, the car dashboard camera can record every happy and memorable moment and can store it for you to recall later. The HD LCD display can let you watch the recorded video clearly. The smart screen enables you to operate the menu and set up your device.

Loop recording

Loop recording means a process of recording a video or an audio continuously without an end. The new videos will not start to be recorded until the memory card for the old file is full, so the car dash cam can record any important details without any break and you don’t have to wipe out the old video before you staring a new one. With a car camera, you’ll never miss any important things even live events like live sports.


G-sensor or Gravity-sensor is an intelligent gravity sensor system. When there occurs any car collision, the camera can record the video of the event in time and can’t be overwritten by loop recording. Most car cameras can automatically detect and record significant moment in emergency situations and lock the current files. After the emergency, ranging from car collision, crashes, to motor incidents, it is easy to sift the video recorded at that moment and find what you need. 

Parking protection

The car dash cam can protect your car effectively when you park your car or keep away from your car. The camera with this feature can record the scene when a driver bumps into your vehicle but can drive away those people who are attempted to break into your car or steal something. The camera can automatically entry into the parking mode when it detect that the car stops running for a period of time of the ignition is turned off. In this mode, the video recording function will stop for a while to save the memory space and energy consumption, but don’t worry that it will continue to capture details if it senses any moment within its field of view or the car has moved again.

Huge storage

Most car dash cams come with a memory card with high storage and they also accept an SD card or a micro SD card. Different dash cams may accept different car sizes. But due to the loop recording, the camera will continue to record videos for a long time even with a small memory card and the old video can be overwritten to spare space for the new important videos if the old video is uneventful. As talked above, it can automatically detect or sense any movement and record it timely. Even so, you’d better move some important videos to your own mobile storage devices and adjust settings of your camera’s sensitivity to limit the number of locked files as the card will be full if the locked files are accumulated to a certain level.

Night vision

Some dash cams feature LED lights that can illuminate the surroundings so that the camera can capture clear images in low light or even at night. Besides, it can automatically adjust the light and provide optimal enhancing light to make videos much clearer and more balanced.

Car dash dam is beneficial with multiple features. The six features listed here are the most important functions. No matter for the consideration of security, traffic evidence or memory recorder, the
car camera is useful and invaluable. If you have a car but don’t have a camera, it is better to have one.

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