Six Categories of Cellphone Holder

May 26th, 2017


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Cellphones have become an irreplaceable part in current people’s life. But it is also a question that more and more people are tending to get myopia and spondylosis because of using cellphones frequently with incorrect position. Are you still changing your positions in order to find the most comfortable position to watch videos? Why not using a cellphone holder to fix your smartphone and release your hands? There are multiple types of cellphone holders. Let’s look these six cellphone holders and see which one is the best for you.

One: gooseneck cellphone holder
This is a cellphone holder specially designed for lazy people. The
gooseneck cellphone holder is maneuverable with long telescope arm which can be adjusted to any angle. It comes with a clip and a suction-cup. You can clip the holder to desk, bed, wall cabinet or anywhere has a plate for clipping. The suction cup is designed with a ball. When your smartphone is clipped by the cup, you can swivel the ball within 360°and find the optimal viewing angle. This BESTEK gooseneck cellphone holder comes with an extra car suction mount that you can use in car.


Two: magnetic cellphone holder
magnetic cellphone holder is popular in recent two years. It can support your smartphone firmly with strong magnetism and allow you to adjust its head with full 360°angle for the best horizontal and vertical viewing angle. Different from cellphone holders that has a suction cup, magnetic ones is compatible with any sized smartphones. This kind of cellphones is suitable for desk, table, or any flat plane at home or office.

Three: ring grip cellphone stand
The ring grip cellphone stand is not only a support that allow you to adjust phones to any angle, but is a beautiful decoration for your phones because of different fine designs with cartoon features, patterns or pearls. It you want to watch videos, you can put it on the desk, table or anywhere flat. If you don’t need it to support your phone, you can grip it with the ring. As it is attached firmly to the phone, it is portable and space-saving so that you can take it anywhere you go. It is also a fashion style to have one in your phone.

Four: cellphone holder stand
This is a foldable cellphone stand that you slip it into your bag or even your pocket. This support is not only workable for any smartphones, but is also compatible with tablets iPad. It is also rotatable with limited angles from 0°to 100°. When you put it on the desk or table, it looks like a work of art. Moreover, it collapses like a compact mirror for easy travel.

Five: A-frame cellphone holder
The triangle cellphone holder is made of aluminum alloy materials. It is durable and sturdy. A form makes it much special like a find art. It has a suitable height and fixed perfect angle of view, so it is easy to read message, make phone call or watch videos. The triangle cellphone holder is similar to the fourth cellphone stand mentioned here, but the bottom of the support is reserved a space for USB charging and cooling your device while charging.

Six: expanding stand and grip
The expanded stand and grip is similar to the ring grip as both of them are stuck on the phone, so you can use it to support your cellphone or compress it to the phone body. The stand and grip can be used for smartphones and also iPad. Past it on the back of your phone and free your hands without worrying about phone dropping. Compared to ring grip, this one is cheaper. But the ring grip is more durable and convenient by hooking your fingers through the ring.

Cellphone holders are an absolutely convenient way to using facetime, youtube, reading message and making phone call for lazy people. Besides, it is a way to rectify your posture while playing your cellphones or tablet iPad, which is beneficial to human body. Don’t you have a cellphone holder? Get one to have mobile fun freely.

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