Summary of 2017 Consumer Electronics Developing from CES

March 9th, 2017


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Consumer Electronic Show (CES for short) has been successfully held for about 50 times since the opening door in 1967 in New York City. As the biggest global electronic show, CES represents the most advanced electronic technology and predicts the leading consumer electronics in the future. Looking back to 2016 CES, there are many electronic development noteworthy hot.

Point one: brilliant Electronic Power

2017 CES appealed more than 4300 companies and groups, among which over 1700 were Chinese enterprises, including Huawei, TCL and other Chinese international enterprises giants. Chinese brands like Huawei, Zhongxing, BESTEK, Xiaomi, were in the prominent position, which was different from the previous CES. Apart from China power, American power including APC and Belkin cannot be ignored, either. Other brands contains Samsung, LG.

Point two: intelligent robots
When it comes to artificial intelligence, whether the robots will replace human beings became a hot topic, for example, is there any other value other than that a robot can substitute human with some standardized work? In this CES, the robots showed their intelligence and humanity. Segway released a personal service robot called Loomo which can walk automatically and can be a nice personal mood companion as well as a balance bike for you to ride for max 30km.

Point three: big collection of TV display technology
CES is defined as consumer electronics mainly featuring family life and pleasure so that household appliances are attached the most attention, especially television. The leading brands TCL, Samsung, Sony, LG and so on all played all their cards to show their display technologies. Samsung showed their latest quantum dot television Q8C with 75 inch, which was adopted HDR technology that can provide 1500~2000 nits and 100% restore colors of TV programs. While TCL also brought quantum dot televisions X3 X2 and announced that TCL had been successfully ranked the top three sales brands all around the world with more than 2000 televisions sold in 2016. And LG introduced ultra slim 4K 0LED SIGNATURE 0LED TV W7 (W stands for wall paper) with only 2.57mm, but its image quality is not inferior compared with Samsung and TC.

Point four: eye-catching car industry
The past two CES meetings witnesses the thriving of car industry, including BMW, Hyundai, FCA and other traditional motor giants. To go with this trending, 20% of CES booths are provided for motor enterprises. The leading tech giant Microsoft not only showed how the robot helps drivers with their safety, but also introduced how to analysis the real time traffic and density of passersby with sensor technology like V2X, radar, camera and laser radar, etc. The motor industry also displayed its creativities of inner car outlook in the view of high tech. Like BMW published the “Inside Future” which showed multiple new technologies: AirTouch, Humanized Sound Effect Equipment, and big foldable screen.

Point five: VR keeping simmering
In 2015 CES,
VR was popular and became the one of the main roles in 2017 CES. What is notable is that many manufactures brought AR glasses at the same time. Besides, both Qualcomm and Intel spared much efforts in AR/VR, so better vision experiences are much likely to realize in the future. Lenovo showed the first VR helmet which was equipped with Windows Holographic platform, featured lightweight and portable. While ODG introduced tow Virtual Reality R8 and R9. The latest Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 835 will be available soon, which is compatible with both Android and other fields like photographing and virtual reality. It is clear that all manufacturers are trying their best to seek new breakthroughs in VR hardware. VR industry obviously became an independent field and sure can be more popular in the future.

Point six: accessories expansion
Electronics also have ecological chain which is based on creations of accessories. For example, when smartphone market comes to the saturation level,
cell phone accessories become the creation points. I face, accessories has become an unstoppable tendency. Blu-ray launched Halos which consists of Halos APP, Halos Cloud and accessory connection layer and can support IOS, Android, Windows, and Mac0S, also compatible with accessories of cellphones, tables, and cars. The famous Apple computer together with IOS and Herge introduced the docking stations for 2016 MacBook Pro. As for car accessories, famous brands like PC, Belkin, BESTEK, also showed their advanced tech gadget. BESTEK is well-known by its power inverter. In 2017 CES, BESTEK showed its latest voltage converting technology.

Point seven: the wearable

The wearable has been a hot topic in CES for a long time. In 2016, many manufacturers cooperated with sports brands in order to make products closer to real life. Samsung and Under Armour co-worked for some related wearable items to provide better fitness experience for people. Famous sports shoes brand New Balance cooperated with Intel and launched a smart watch named Run IQ which was designed with 1.39inch AMOLED screen, heart rate monitor, gyroscope, accelerometer and 512MB RAM +4GB storage. What’s more, New Balance and Jabra launched sports Bluetooth earphone Pace IQ which can be paired with Run IQ.

Consumer electronics made remarkable achievements in 2016 and will make greater breakthroughs in 2017.

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