Take Care! You’re Killing Your Phone

May 10th, 2017


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Cellphones have gained an increasing popularity and charging cellphones has become a routine work for people every day. It is rather easy to get phones charged by a USB cable and most people do it easily by just plugging it and leaving it charging freely. However, it is rarely known by people that some usages are easy to be neglected but really harmful to devices and will reduce cellphone batteries if you do it. Today, let’s look how many misusages of cellphone charging and check whether you’re killing your cellphone.

One: are you using a USB power strip for phone charging?
You may have found out that it is very slow to charge iPad with an iPhone plug. That is because there is no voltage compensation device in the iPhone charger and the voltage will become lower when the iPhone plug adapter is used for other devices, thus making the charging speed slow. At present, many
power strips are designed with USB ports for mobile devices. But similarly, some USB power strips don’t have synchronous rectifier or voltage compensation device, so when the power strip is used for multi charging purposes, the voltage is distributed to multiple devices, thus making the voltage lower than the device normally needs. We have made a test with two power strips, one from a small Amazon seller and one from BESTEK. BESTEK power strip is equipped with synchronous rectifier technology and the other doesn’t. The test showed that the one without synchronous rectifier is about 85% slower than BESTEK ones. Smart BESTEK power strip applied IC technology and each USB port can detect and transmit the fastest current for devices. Are you using a USB power strip without synchronous rectifier or voltage compensation device?

Two: are you mix-using charging cable?
You may do it that when there is no original charging cable for your phones, you will find another cable to charge it or take out with a short cable to replace the original cable for convenience. If you do this way, please choose a reliable brand. A poor back-up cable has hidden risks of reducing the life of phone battery or even breaking your cellphones. Therefore, it is better to use an original USB cable or choosing a cable that matches your phone. Don’t kill your phone for convenience!

Three: are you charging a phone with a case?
Cellphone cases are popular as it can not only build a cool style but can protect your phones effectively. But some people are tending to charging phones when the battery is going drained without removing the case cover. That’s dangerous! Usually a lithium battery has low temperature protection system, so it is not easy to lead to chemistry reactions of substances in a low temperature environment. In this case, the charging speed won’t go slow can make it charge normally. But in the high temperature environment, the lithium battery performance is unstable and even possible to give rise to cellphone explosion. If you charge cellphones without removing the case cover, the temperature of the phones will get higher and higher with charging time going. But the heat in the phone body can’t send out timely as the case block it. Is your phone being charged with a cover? Remove it!

Four: are you playing your phone while it is being charged?
People are used to have fun by using a cellphone for games, music, reading, and other pleasures which is power-hungry. But it is disappointing when the battery is running out and you’re playing a game happily. In this case, many people may keep playing it while it is in charging. Playing and charging cellphones at the same time is the most harmful to its battery and this is also the main reason why cellphone power is unstable. And it is better to turn the phone off when it is in charge.

Five: are you charging your phone when running out of its energy?
Commonly lithium battery has hundred times of charge-discharge circles. A charge-discharge circle means a process of fully charging after 100% running out energy, but not means a process of plugging and unplugging. Lithium battery has memory effect and can be charged anytime. But you can’t mean to use up all the energy before charging in order to ensure longer battery life, while that may bring damages to your phone. It is proper to have light charge and discharge frequently and keep your phone always powerful.

Six: are you still charging your phone while it is fully charged?
Some people like to charge cellphones at night and leave it charge the whole night. Normally, a cellphone can be fully charged within 2~3 hours. If you unplug the
cellphone charger for a long time, it will speed up the loss of battery capacity. Some people are scared that phones may explode if it is overcharged. Actually, lithium battery usually has safety protection circuits and multi protection systems and ensures to cut off the power when there is overcharging or short circuit. Don’t worry about overcharging, but you’d better unplug your phones if it is fully charged.

Cellphones are indispensible device for almost everyone in the world. While feeding up your phone, please check whether you’ve charging it improperly. If you’re doing what is talked above, then take care that you may be killing your phone.

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