Tips & Notes for Using a Vacuum Cleaner

May 24th, 2017


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Vacuum cleaners have been updated several times and widely used in common families. The vacuum cleaner is a useful helper due to its irreplaceable role, quite, fast, effortless and easy usage. Current vacuum cleaner consists of vacuum pump, dust collector, flexible tube and mouth tube. It has strong suction power to clean up dirties under the strong air pressure difference. How to use a vacuum cleaner properly is a question. Here some tips and notes for using it in a proper way.

Six notes for using a vacuum cleaner
1.    When using a vacuum cleaner, take note whether there is any object that blocks the motor and burn it out.
2.    Well install the dust bag, or the dust will enter into the living room and even your respiratory tract.
3.    Don’t wipe the machine body by chemical water, or cracks will occur.
4.    Don’t use vacuum cleaner to sweep objects like glasses, kerosene, and matchstick.
5.    Keep it away from high temperature. It is permitted to wash its body with water directly.
6.    Don’t use it to suck particulate matters like lime, gypsum powder and calcimine, or the filter will be blocked up and the motor is likely to be burned out.

3 steps to use a new vacuum cleaner
1.    Open the package and connect the hard tube and flexible tube in right order, or there will be big troubles.
2.    Plug it into the power socket to check whether it is leaky, if so, you need to ask for a replacement.
3.    Start cleaning up anywhere dirty.


Other applications of vacuum cleaner in life
1.    Use it when you collect items. In the period of season changing, almost every family will change quilt. If you store the quilt in an airtight container and use the
vacuum cleaner to pump out the air to reduce space.
2.    Use the vacuum cleaner to look for small things. Everyone can’t avoid losing something tiny on the floor and it is hard to find where it is. Then you can use a vacuum cleaner to find it. Before using it this way, you’d better cover the sucking mouth with a gauze cloth and adjust the wind speed, and then the dropped item can be sucked into the cloth quickly.

Vacuum cleaners are helpful in our daily life. Form here, sure you can use your vacuum cleaner properly and effectively.

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