Tips for Energy Saving At Home

March 14th, 2017


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How to save energy is a headache for most housewives, especially when all sorts of electronics devices come fast and indeed attract many people to use them at home. To be a wise housewife and have a smart home, you need to learn how to use electronics and appliances smartly.

1.    Turn off the lights in time

Lights are one of the greatest innovation of human beings. With lights, life becomes brighter and warmer and we almost step out the time of kerosene lamp, and candles are usually for special situations like romantic date. There are many types of lights used at home, including kitchen light, desk light, ceiling light, and bulb light, etc. Different lights has different wattage so as to different energy consumption. Based on the statistic of the latest research, a 1000W bulb light will cost about one kilowatt hour of power if used for one hour; 100W light bulb will need 24 hours; and 24W light needs 40W. While in one family, there’re more than one lights, so the light is one of the main energy consumption channels. Apart from turning off the lights when going out or when you go to sleep, choosing a good LED light is also a helpful way to save energy at home. LED light with advanced LED chips and technologies can help save energy over 60% than that of traditional fluorescent lamp.

2.    Switch off needless chargers, electronics or appliances
Smart electronics and appliances bring much convenience and pleasure to people. A
power strip can allow you to charge more than one household appliances and mobile devices simultaneously with both AC and USB ports. A multi USB charger enables you to power up more than one mobile devices at the same time. It is easy to neglect that chargers without any loading will also cost energy. So unplug electronics and chargers if you don’t need on. Compared to the chargers, appliances like water heater, refrigerator, air-conditioners, and television are the main energy consumption factors. A water heater can cost 0.896 1KWh with 896~3000W running power. It can cost 1KWh per hour even if it is in the insulation state.

3.    Use energy efficient kitchen appliances
Most people love cooking at home. Kitchen appliances make cooking more interesting and much easier. If you want to save energy in kitchen, then try to choose energy efficient appliances. Most goods come with an energy rating. The lower the KWh/annum, the more energy efficient it is. Buying the most energy efficient one can make a real difference to your bill each year. For example, an energy efficient
fridge and freezer can save about $75 compared to an inefficient one. Size is also an important factor. Generally speaking, the bigger an appliance is, more energy will cost. Common size of a microwave oven is 20~30L, and 23L is the most suitable for common family. The same with microwave oven, the pressure cooker is a nice option to crisp something foods like a roast. But using a pressure cooker will take approximately half the time to finish a roast cooking than a microwave oven. So you can try to have a pressure cooker in kitchen.

4.    Water energy saving
All the three tips above are related to power energy saving. In terms of water energy saving, here are two ways. First, wash economically. You can collect more clothes and use the wash machine to wash them together. While if you must wash part of clothes, you can use the wash machine by setting it at half load working mode. Moreover, to fully save energy, it is better to hang your clothes on a line instead of using tumble dryers. Second, reuse water. The water you used to wash fruit or vegetables can be used to water flowers. When taking a shower and needing warm water, you can put a container under the shower nozzle and the clean cool water can used for other purposes.

There are many ways to save both power energy and water energy, and even other types of energies. Leaning how to save energy is an essential skill to be a smart housewife. If you’re a smart housewife or you have a smart wife, it is necessary to keep these in mind. Many a little makes a mickle. Save energy together to make a better world.

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