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February 28th, 2017


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Traveling is tending to be the best choice for most people on weekends or during holidays. Traveling is indeed a nice way for you to release your body from heavy work and share pleasures with your family. To embrace 2017, are you ready to have a perfect trip with your family or friends? Here are few travel preparation tips for you.

1. Where to Go?

No matter how long holiday you’ll have, it important to select the appropriate country or city.
It may be a little distressing to make a decision which country which scenic port to go, as here are hundreds of countries and thousands of cities in the world, not to mention the attractions. If you have little knowledge of tourists, you can look through some tour websites and they can give you advice, for example, the White House, the Statue of Liberty, the Niagara Falls, and the Pearl Harbor in America, Valensole Plateau, the Greek Aegean Sea, and the Marine City Venice.
Please select the best attraction according to your time and budget. You may have one destination you have yearned for a long time, then you can skip this step. But some people may give up some tourists because of hard tight or short time, then a comprehensive consideration is needed. If your holiday is short, you can choose domestic travel. If you have rich time and within your budget, you can have a try for cross-border tourism.

2. Tour Modes

How to start your tour is also important. Tour modes mainly includes two ways, group tour and self-expand tour. All-expand tour consists of self-driving tour and bike tour based on the transportation.

If you choose group tour, you can make full use of time to visit more scenic spots and historic sites and go to somewhere an individual is limited to go. Also it is safe and free since you’re always with a group of people and speak the same language. For most tourists,, especially parents, group tour is perfect. You just find the travel agency and experience your happy tour under the agency’s management and instructions which can provide services all round, from food to housing.

Self-driving or self-biking tour become popular these years. This kind of self-expand tour mode requires you to be equipped with courage, patience, carefulness and strong resourcefulness. Biking tour may be more suitable for outdoor lovers, while self-driving is better in terms of a family, friends, colleagues. Self-driving tour is more convenient that you can choose your own tour route and stop for tasting local snacks, purchase souvenirs, or stay longer at your favorite place. If you choose self-expand tour, remember to read the guidebook or take with a map and arrange a hotel or a restaurant in advance.

3. Personal Necessities for Daily Use
Some people may thing it is too troublesome to take too many things when go traveling. “Extreme light travel” is good, but what about the occurrence of emergency when you can’t buy things you need? You’d better make a list of what you need, especially when you’ll go for several days or you have special living habits.

Different country or city has different temperature. You can bring some changes of clothes, warms coats and light clothes. You can also take one or two types of shoes if needed so that you can take part in different activities or occasions. Get some bags - backpack bags visiting, toilet bags for packing toothbrush, toothpaste , skin cares and other small living goods, or luggage bags to carry your clothes, shoes, etc.

Some people has car sickness, seasickness or airsickness, which may easily affect your moods during your trip. You’d better prepare for some drugs to avoid influence of those sicknesses. Others like Band-Aid and other first-aid are also essential to deal with urgent situations.
If you’re going for a domestic traveling, be sure to hit the banks and check your accounts by ATM before your trip. Search the bank’s website and map out whether there any available bank ATM near your destination. If you have multi bank credit cards, you can take one that the destination has more that bank ATMs. If you’re traveling overseas, it is much economical for you to go to the local ATM as soon as you arrive at your destination and find a local currency to make a withdrawal. Before you’re leaving from domestic, you can check online to take note where the ATM and currency is.

In the peak of tourist season or famous scenic spots, take care of your personal belongings, especially your ID card and cashes in case of being stolen.

4. Keep Your Electronics On The Go
In today’s modern world, electronics are not only important part of daily life but also can provide timely and portable service when going out.

1> Necessary Electronics
A good cellphone can be a life expert hand to help you order tickets, order a restaurant, find a hotel, and navigate your position if you’re lost. You can take clear and beautiful photos by a camera. Tablets or iPad can help you kill time in car or share pleasure with family or friends. Power banks can supply a certain capacity power for your phones and tablets. Mobile WIFI can let you play Wechat, Facebook or other social media channels anytime. A suitable converter seems more important if you’re traveling overseas in case that your power bank or mobile WIFI died.

2> Keep Your Electronics Always On The Go
As mentioned above, you can’t guarantee your equipment is full of energy all the way even if you’re well equipped. A converter is needed. Before you choose a suitable converter, you need to know something about the country standard voltage and plug type
There are many types of
power converters, 220V to 110V, DC12V to AC110V. After you make it clear your country and your destination’s standard voltage, you can choose one that really suits you. Here is one types of BESTEK 220V to 110V converter for your reference.



This converter converts overseas voltage from 90~265V to 110V~120V.
Features 6A 4 USB charging ports and 3 AC outlets, allowing you to charge up to 7 devices simultaneously and can intelligently deliver the fastest current for each port.
Included 3 international travel plug adapters (UK/US/AU/EU) that cover more than 150 countries. Feel free to travel around the world with one such universal converter.
Fully protected with over-current, overheating, short-circuit and surge protection. Built-in dual cooling fans and switch button with LED indicator.
Compact designed, it is easier to carry and pack by your bag or luggage, saving space.

Keep the several tips in mind, and start your happy traveling.

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