4 Types of Camera Bag

March 8th, 2017


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Camera bags are especially favored by photographers. Camera bag type varies based on its appearance like color, size and using applications, for hiking, flying, camping or other situations. There’s no one camera bag can fit all situations, so a photographer should choose a camera bag type according to where to go and what to shoot.

Of course there may be more
camera bag types in the market as the price ranges from $10 to $1000, no mention the included bag brands. Here are mainly talking about 4 types of camera bag in terms of bag packing styles.

Backpack Bag

backpack bags may be the best option for photographers or outdoor lovers. A backpack is always designed with large capacity, commonly 2L and 3L. Multiple inside compartments and outer pockets allow to carry as many things as you like. The special camera compartment can place and well protect your cameras and camera accessories. Another advantage of a backpack is that it can reduce weight. The backpack has adjustable shoulder straps. Each strap can bear partial weights for your camera gears when having a long-time hiking or climbing. What’s more, the bag is cushion designed, so it will be comfortable and cool even you wearing it for several hours. While backpack is not very convenient to take out a gear.

Waist Bag/Fanny Bag
If you want a more casual and lighter shooting, then a waist bag or fanny bag is best. It may looks a little silly to wearing it around your waist but it is also practical in real outdoor life. Waist bags have a main room that fits for a camera or prime camera lens. When taking it for photographing, the waist bag can be a cross when you wear the bag around your neck with a strap. Waist bag also has outer pockets for you to place small things like keys, cards, earphones, etc. Waist bag strap is also adjustable to make your waist comfortable. While a fanny bag is not suitable for climbing or taking too many camera gears because it is difficult to bend down when climbing and the room of a fanny bag is limited.


Messenger Bag

Compared to backpack and waist bag for cameras, the messenger bag may be more acceptable. A messenger bag is also designed with large capacity including inside compartments for camera and camera gears, and dedicated front zippered pockets for cell phones, batteries, cables, keys, etc. It is easy to wear by crossing it though your body and allow instant access to the right gear you need. The straps are adjustable so that it can fit for any body shape and help distribute weight when hiking or climbing. Messengers comes in different flavors or styles like leather or canvas in terms of materials, Army green, Khaki or black regarding to colors. When it comes to messenger bags, you may think of bike messengers used by a postman to send letters. So for a photographer who like riding can also choose one messenger bag. Messenger bags may be a moderate way if you want your shooting trip to be convenient and take more camera gears.


Camera Suitcase
The last type of camera bag is suitcase. A camera suitable is of course can let you bring as many camera gears as you like. Among the 4 types of camera bags, the camera suitcase has the largest capacity. Another benefit is that your shoulders and waist are totally released. The suitcase is often tough and durable, suitable for an extended trip where you should bring too many camera accessories and other personal belongings. It is also perfect for a family travel when you have to squeeze into a full load of kid’s necessities. While a suitcase is somewhat heavy and dumb so that you can’t carry it to go out for adventures.

The 4 types of camera bags above are common styles for photographers. A photographer should choose the best type when coming down to personal photographing style and outdoor activity level. There are many points photographers need to keep in mind.

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