What Is a Plug Adapter?

March 15th, 2017


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When traveling abroad, you may feel it troublesome that the local power socket doesn’t match the charging port of your device. A plug adapter can help you handle this problem. Adapter plugs can convert a foreign plug outlet to be compatible with your device.

There are various types of
plug adapters due to numerous electronic devices and different countries with different stand plug types. As for adaptable plugs used for electronic devices, one type may be suitable for numerous devices. Electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, or laptop computers, power banks, battery chargers, alarm clocks and other electronics, can be charged by the same plug socket. While these plug adapters used for electronics can’t be used for high power devices like curlers, irons, dryers, etc, in order to avoid fire occurrence or other damage risks. Another plug adapters are used for charging devices or appliances when you’re in a foreign country. Different country has different plug types. You can check the following plug types. Some countries plugs are the same type and some are not. Generally, a plug adapter is to transfer a certain country’s charging plug into another country’s plug type so that you can charge and use devices in one or more countries. It is useful to take plug adapter when traveling or working abroad, in the United States, the United Kingdom and other at least 150 countries in the world.

Poor quality plugs and adapters are one of the main causes of electrical fires. Don’t neglect the security of using a small plug adapter. Some plug adapters are designed with surge protector which can well protect your devices from damages of short circuit, over voltage, overheating, etc. Choosing a surge protected plug adapter can also guarantee family member’s safe in case of electronic shock. Regarding to safety of using a plug adapter, there are also other factors.

A plug has a rated value that is used to measure whether it matches to the connected electronic devices or appliances. You can find this parameter in product label for reference, like the converter’s rating can’t surpass that of a plug, or there may cause hidden risks because of overheating when charging your electronic devices. The rating value of a polarized fused adapter should be equal to the rating of a fuse.

Travel plug adapters are compact and portable with small size and light weight. This is also a reason why such a small plug is so popular with travelers or businessmen. While the size is also an important factor that may influence safe use of a plug or an adapter. You need to choose a suitable size that is compatible and interchangeable. The wrong size may lead to wrong using, like poor contact, misplug that may give rise to damage to devices and even fire and electronic shock.

Plug bush is also an unneglectable element. A plug bush should be elastic enough to ensure a plug have enough contact pressure. A good plug bush should be anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion to ensure a good plug contact. Plug pin shouldn’t be rotatable or it may affect plug performance and avoid dangerous factors. When plug the adapter into the wall socket, you need to plug it seamlessly to avoid electronic shock.

About plug material, it should be heat-resisting and burn-resisting. Some materials with low heat-resistance and fire-resistance will become soft so that its performance is reduced and some may even be easy to cause fire.

Plug adapters here are only used to change plug types but can’t convert electronic voltage. You may need to find a suitable power converter if needed. While there are also some power adapters that can convert voltage along with international plug adapters. You can look for such a bundle to save money.

Plug adapters can be sold as a single or as a pack. Choose a suitable plug adapter built-in safety systems is you’re going for an abroad travel or cross-border business.

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