Charge and Protect Your Phone Simultaneously with Battery Case

March 31st, 2017


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Cell phones are indispensible part of modern people’s life. No matter searching online for Joyce or get guidelines for food, clothes, shelter and transportation, a cell phone can help you finish these quickly and correctly. In the electronic and information age, people and smart phones are always together no matter where to go or what to do. What should you do if smart phones are dying? Power bank or battery case?

there are many ways to charge a phone. If that happens, you may have a cell phone charger, like a power bank, power inverter, cigarette lighter, jump starter, etc. there are many electronic devices that are equipped with USB ports for charging cell phones and other USB devices. But a power bank or other charging devices are not easy to take. If you want to take a power bank, you also need an extra bag. Besides, power inverter and other electronic devices with USB charging stations can’t be taken with you if you have to leave a car. So it is better if the car charger is more lightweight and portable.

For smart phone users, cell phones are like their pets that they want to protect from damaging. Then cell phone cases are coming out, leather case, PU case with various shapes and special decoration things like bling jewel. A cell phone case can not only decorate your phone to make your phone look distinguishing and stylish, but can protect your phones form dropping, scratching or bumping.

What about combing charging and protection as a whole in one unit? The cell phone
battery case absorbs advantages of portability of power banks or electronic charging devices and protection function of cell phone cases. In a word, a battery case is a power bank that can be used as a protection case.

Nowadays, battery cases are mainly designed for iPhones. As you know, no matter Android phones, or iPhones, power consumptions can’t be estimated. But smart phones can’t restart without any power. Once your phones run out of power, it seems that you’ll lose track of the outside world. The battery case is a mobile charger that you can take it without any burden or occupation. Battery cases look the same in terms of appearance. The difference is that thousands of power capacity is built-in it and can provide endless power for smart phones only by setting it on cell phone like a phone case. 

The cellphone battery case is not that mush common like power bank, but it will in the future, as battery cases have many features that you need.
• Easy installation and removing.
Traditional power bank is so cumbersome that it can’t go with smart phones. Cell phones today are tending to be super slim and ultra-light. Battery cases combine the charging and protection functions as a whole so that your smart phone can be charged and well protected at the same time.
• More portable
The battery case is designed as small as a cell phone and slim with light weight. It can fit your phones perfectly and don’t need other space to place it. You can neglect it when using a phone.

Both battery case and power bank are charging device for smart phones. But the battery case can protect your phone while charging. Isn’t it more powerful? And
battery case is more portable, so for those who like using phones frequently or those who need to use phones outside. In the future, battery cases may be a replacement of power banks.

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