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March 29th, 2017


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Vacuum cleaner is not familiar for most people, especially those living in urban area. Home is a sweet place where there are full of warmth and happiness. As the hostess of a home, a mom may spare no efforts to make home look more beautiful and cleaner. Form childhood to now when you grow up, you can always see your mom bent down and carefully sweep the floor where you make many dirty while playing. If you’re dutiful and love your mom very much, you may consider to have one vacuum cleaner to help reduce your mom’s tiredness in daily life. So what is vacuum cleaner?

Handheld vacuum cleaner, also called sweeper, is an electronic tool used to sweep away the dirty on the floor, corners, and any surfaces, even in a vehicle. Most of us may be familiar with the broom, a traditional way to clean up the floor. While a broom can only clean something conspicuous and cost more human energy. Vacuum cleaner and broom are designed with the same concept – wipe out dirty and clean up room. While the vacuum cleaner adopt tech power to replace silly human workforce thus reducing tiredness when sweeping the floor. How does this small cleaner finish sweeping work more efficiently?

Modern vacuum cleaner is consist of air pump, dust bag, tube and nozzle of all shapes. Inside the machine, there is an automatic suction fan. When using the vacuum cleaner, connected with power supply, the suction tube will run at a high speed and the internal cleaner forms a sudden vacuum inside which the internal pressure is much higher than that of outside world. Under the influence of pressure difference, dust and dirty are sucked in the vacuum box and get filtered by dust bag, and finally the dust are left in the bag and clean air re-spread into the room through the motor so that the cooling motor can be protected from over-heating and the air can be purified. From this perspective, vacuum cleaner is not only an electric sweeper, but a dust collector and air purifier, which can keep home clean and air healthy.

Vacuum cleaner is lightweight and portable, and loved by many family. There are corded vacuum cleaner and cordless vacuum cleaner, both are handheld, functional and efficient. Respectively speaking, corded vacuum cleaner is much expensive than cordless ones. Cordless vacuum cleaner is supported by batteries. So each time you want to use a cordless cleaner, check its battery power first. A cordless vacuum cleaner is helpful when you want to clean somewhere too narrow or hidden that corded ones can’t reach. While battery has limited life, some can only continue working for a few minutes, and the cordless vacuum cleaner can’t store power itself, so it seems not satisfying when the cleaner suddenly stops halfway and leave half room dirty. If you just want to use a cleaner for spill, a cordless one is enough, but for further purposes, like cleaning vehicle, halls or stairs, then you’d better choose a corded vacuum cleaner. Corded vacuum cleaner is generally long-lasting and more powerful though it is limited in cleaning vehicles or stairs like cordless ones. The corded vacuum cleaner is designed with a stick that can be used by an extension tube or held by hand. So a vacuum cleaner is used more widely. You may find it annoying that hairs of a pet or family members who have longhair leaf on the floor here and there and difficult to clean up. Some handheld vacuum cleaner is specially designed with this performance to help you lift those hairs.

After using the vacuum cleaner, don’t you find it easier to keep home cleaner? And you can find it helpful to reduce moms’ tiredness as it is powerful enough that mom doesn’t need to use much power anymore. Get a better home and reduce mom’s tiredness, choose a suitable
vacuum cleaner.

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