What Is a Voltage Converter?

April 5th, 2017


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A voltage converter is an electronic power device than can be used to change the voltage of an electric power source. When combined with other electronic components, it can function as a power supply and provide enough electric current for other devices. Taken broadly, the voltage converter consists of main voltage converter, mobile voltage converter and voltage inverter.

Sometimes, a voltage converter is referred to consist of voltage regulator and voltage inverter. While there’re differences between the two. A voltage regulator is moreover a voltage stabilizer which is usually used to maintain the current in countries where the voltage is not stable. While a voltage converter is used to change the voltage types, including AC to DC, DC to AC. The converter used to alter DC to AC is universally called power inverter. The process of AC voltage converter is realized by a voltage transformer.

In terms of practical use of voltage converters, there’re three types of
voltage converters, one is the main voltage converter, and the others are mobile voltage converter and voltage inverter.

Main Voltage Converter
It is common to use it as a main converters which can change voltages based on different local voltages to usable current for your appliances made for the main power of a certain region to work fine. This type of voltage converter applies the source of main power which is usually called household current or alternating current (AC). The mains power is a kind of global electric current supplied by the single phase AC circuit. As you know, the country standard delivered current or local main power varies from AC 210~240V AC or 100~120V AC based on different geographic location. Taking into consideration of electrical safety and proper equipment operation, a voltage regulator is necessary.

Main voltage converters are widely used in electric transformer systems, laboratory power supplies and travelers. These types of voltage converters can function well in both AC and DC electric current. When used for electric transformer systems, the voltage converter can provide a stable and continuous output current with little variance. When used for laboratory power supplies, the voltage converter can be regarded as a voltage regulator which sometimes delivers different types of voltage measurements and both AC and DC current types from a single unit. When it comes to traveling, the voltage converter is playing an increasingly important role for travelers. As mentioned above, different country has different standard local voltage (voltage types as follows for reference). To provide usable and safe electric current and allow your electric devices operate normally, a voltage converter or called travel converter, which is poured into auto-transformation technology, is more suitable and practical for a traveler. An autotransformer is specialized in turning the voltage from the main power supply into the voltage that matches the local power supply to meet your charging requirement of electronic devices. Another reason why voltage is popular for travelers is that the voltage converter nowadays is designed compact and equipped with multiple protection systems, easy to carry and pack up as well as safe to use, no worry about electronic shock.

Mobile Voltage Converter
In view of mobile converter, it is mainly used to regulate the flow of DC current. In this regulation process, the circuitry of DC electric current is required to raise or drop in order to create a suitable current range for powering up any mobile electronic devices including smart phones, tablets, MP3 or MP4 players and other mobile electronics with DV 12V electronic system.

Voltage Inverter
The third type is
voltage inverters. A voltage inverter is used to transform DC current to AC household current. The voltage inverter is known as power inverter or car inverter as this kind of voltage converter is widely used in automobiles and other vehicles with DC 12V electronic current. A voltage inverter can become a main voltage converter when the special circuitry of DC 12V power supply is converted into AC main power supply. This power conversion can deliver stable and contentious voltage for both high power appliances and low power electronic devices like laptops, cellphones, GPS, and other mobile electronics. With the development of self-driving journey, the voltage inverters are more and more popular for car users, not only because it can keep your electronics powerful and your trip joyful, but also because it can provide power for emergency in remote areas, when there’s power failure or any other urgent situation.

A voltage converter is used in every corner of human life in modern times. Through voltage conversion, electronic equipment, appliances or devices can keep powerful and functional to bring more convenience to people.

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