You May Need a Travel Bag

June 6th, 2019


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For many people, they are more likely to take a suitcase for a short business trip or worldwide travel. After all, the suitcase is free of wheels and you don’t have to hold them in hands. However, the suitcase has its drawbacks.

Drawbacks of Suitcase:

1. Even it is a small boarding box, obviously, it is used for business travel, which is relatively single-purpose.

2. It is easier to pull the suitcase on wheels on than just holding it by hands, while it is only good for smooth and flat surfaces like airports, but can't be properly towed on the kind of gravel or stone-like roads, including steps up and down, standing water,which can be easily found in many European cities (known in Shanghai as tarmac), and possibly damage your favorite suitcase.

3. The so-called silent wheel is only for flat surfaces, but when dragged on the uneven road surface, the sound of the wheel is still noisy.

4. It is convenient to carry the luggage but not easy to take things out. You must put it flat on the surface and open it every time when you want to get something out. As long as you open the suitcase, all the things inside will be all exposed, which may give away your privacy. If not, you can only open, tidy or take things when you arrive at the hotel or home.

For long-distance travel, you need a larger suitcase to pack all your belongings. But it is suggested to take a travel bag when going out for a short trip. For personal impression, it is not suitable to take luggage if you’re a traveler for business. 

There advantages to take a travel bag

1. Large capacity can carry more than suitcases with the same volume.

2.Versatile, not just for short business trips, but also for your daily commute. If you have a lot of stuff to take with you, you won't stand out anywhere.

3.Perfect for sports lovers. If you usually wear formal clothes at work and have a habit of going to the gym after work, then it couldn’t be better to have a travel bag which provides many compartments for you to store sports clothes and shoes.

4.Convenient. It is easier to put things in and take things out. 

The only disadvantage of the bag is that it needs to be held in the hand. But you can throw it on the floor when you’re waiting for the bus or taking a lift. 

In a word, the travel bag is perfect for travelers. Do you have yours?

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