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February 28th, 2017


Power supply


Power converters that convert 220V supply to 110V supply for you to use with your gadgets. It has 4 USB charging ports so that you can charge multiple devices at thesame time. It also comes with 3 international adapters which cover the socketsused in US, UK, Europe and Australia. It has a very compact size which makes it an ideal travelling companion. It also has many safety features like over-current cutoff, high temperature cutoff, short circuit and surge protectors. It has two inbuiltfans on its sides which reduce heat while operating.

The other essential tool is a set of travel adapter. If you are travellingto another country be sure to check the kind of power outlets they have. The worst kind of surprise to get is when you land late in night and cannot chargeany of your electronic devices because of incompatible plugs. Bestek has a set of travel adapters that can help you in connecting to power sockets in any country. Its 8 pack International Travel Worldwide Plug Adapter Set is the most complete set of travel adapters available in the market. The whole set taken together can cover the socket types found all across the world. These are made of high quality materials and are essential for anyone travelling.

In conclusion if you plan on travelling orare already an extensive traveler, these tools from Bestek are a must have for you.

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