How Much Do You Know About Wireless Doorbell?

2019-05-29 19:52:41


Nowadays, the increasing development of technology brings much convenience to our daily life. More and more people installed doorbells on the door, which says goodbye to the past times of knocking the door. But it is still difficult to install the bell wires. Now here comes the wireless doorbell which is very easy to install and use. 


As one of the most popular everyday use products, the wireless doorbell has its advantages over the traditional doorbells. It is much smarter, easier and has various optional types. So how does a wireless doorbell work and what is the working principle?  


Working Principle of Wireless Doorbell

The wireless receivers receive the wireless voice or video signal from the outdoor machine. The main processor processes the received signals such as redundancy and decoding, and then displays the decoded video signals through the display screen, while the decoded voice signals are converted into analog signals by D/A and played out through the speaker.


Visitors can call and talk easily with residents through the unit downstairs in front of the host, and the residents can control opening and closing of the unit indoor. The community alarm host can receive the alert from the residents at any time and send it to the host, and then notify the community security guards on duty. The system not only enhances the high-rise residential security work but also greatly facilitates the residents and reduces many unnecessary troubles. Moreover, with wireless doorbells, people do not need to worry about the running out of batteries, nor do they have to change the battery regularly. The only trouble is the power failure. But now some wireless doorbells have been able to generate electricity by themselves, and the power failure does not affect the use.


What mentioned above is the introduction to the working principle of the wireless doorbell. As a product of modern science and technology, the wireless doorbell perfectly embodies people’s specific demands on wireless doorbells, which brings much convenience 

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