How to Choose a Car Power Charger?

May 22nd, 2019


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It is rather annoying when your cellphone is powered off suddenly or your tablet is power-hungry when you have to solve a hassle business problem in the car on the road, but no suitable plug adapter though you may take several types of power chargers. If you are tracked into this embarrassing situation, try to choose a car power charger which is increasingly popular for road travelers.


There are various types of car chargers today. To choose a good power charger for devices in the car, you should consider the price, practicability, quality, safety and as well as your personal needs. Here are several types of common car power chargers as your reference.


USB Car Charger

When it comes to a USB charger, the first feature we can think of is portable and practical. The USB car charger is small and lightweight like a cigarette lighter. It can be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket directly and compatible with all types of USB devices like iPad, iPhone, etc. And also applies to Android smartphones or laptops. In a word, all the devices charged via USB ports can be charged by USB car charger.


Car Cigarette Lighter with Multiple Outlets

Nowadays, the car cigarette lighter is designed with more powerful features than the car USB charger. You can find car cigarette lighter now have more than one charging outlets. Some has not only USB ports but also reserves a cigarette lighter socket. Such cigarette lighters can meet your requirements of USB device charging and also can allow you to connect with other devices like car refrigerators.


Car Power Inverter

Car power inverter is an electric device that can convert DC 12V current into household AC 220V. The power inverter for the car is charged by a car battery. Compared with USB car chargers and car cigarette lighters, car power inverters can allow you to charge not only USB devices but also household appliances with AC outlets. So you can bring your home appliances like camera, in-car refrigerator, DVD, laptops to the car to meet your various requirements. Feel at ease when driving out. All your devices can always keep going on the road, perfect for many people no matter you’re business travelers, trip lovers, remote area workers, etc. Moreover, the inverters often offer more USB chargers or even provide different USB types like USB C and QC charger, to faster charge devices.


In the case of portability, car USB chargers are the best, and the cigarette lighter with multiple sockets. But in the point of functionality, a car power inverter is the most worth to choose. No matter what kind of product you choose, select one that can really meet your requirements.

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