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March 9th, 2018


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Power strips with multiple charging outlets are not strangers for you. USB wall chargers can also be frequently seen at home or in an office. But you may have never seen a power strip with swivel outlets, Type-C port and a cellphone holder. Here we’d like to introduce such a new BESTEK power strip which is a perfect combination of multiple features to meet your different needs. 

5 Charging Outlets with 2 Unique Swivel Outlets

Like many other multi-outlet power strips, this new BESTEK power strips also offers 5 AC outlets for you to charging multiple household appliances at the same time. The 5 charging outlets are uniformly distributed on two sides with one outlet in the center. All the 5 outlets can provide total 1875W, allowing you to power up even large devices like TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, etc. Different from others, the 5-outlet power strip also comes with two swivel outlets. Some people may find it not convenient to charge devices with larger plugs, especially when you charge several devices at the same time. The rotatable outlets allow you to adjust the outlet to find the perfect angle for larger plugs and won’t block other outlet charging at all, which also create more space for other devices. 

Smart USB Charging Stations

Apart from 5 AC outlets for household appliances, the surge protector also provides you 4 USB ports for you to charge mobile SUB devices. The 4 smart USB ports include one 1A USB port, 2 intelligent USB ports and one Type-C port for all Type-C devices. The 1A USB port is specially designed for 1A devices. The dual intelligent USB ports can automatically detect any device you plug in and deliver the optimal current for each device. The tailored charging current can charge devices like cellphones, iPad, kindles 75% faster than ever with up to 2.4A each. If you have type-c products like MacBook, don’t worry. The smart USB port strip also has one Type-C port especially designed for type-c devices. With full types of USB ports, you can charging any type of electronic device as you like at full speed without damaging devices due to unmatched currents. Besides, there are protected and grounded LED indicators to note users the USB running status. 

Special Cellphone Holder Design 

The power strip is not just a device charger but a cellphone holder. There is a unique cellphone holder on the top. When charging a cellphone, you can put your phone on the top. The cellphone holder is anti-slip designed to keep you device stable without falling. Sometimes cellphone charging cable is not long enough to let you place it on the desk, or the wall socket is not close to a flat plane that can support your device. 

Advanced Surge Protection

Electronic devices are easy to be damaged by surges or spikes that can occur when there is lightning. Most power strips don’t provide surge protections so that you have to turn off all your devices when a thunderstorm is coming. Though there may be a main switch, there is useless to only turn off the switch as the current can still flow in the circuit. But a surge protector can prevent the increased overcurrent flowing but keep normal current to continue smoothly. The wall power strip provides 900 joules surge protection to keep your devices safe from surges or spikes. 

Other All-Around Protections

Looking from the outside, the power strip is made of anti-fire materials that can work normally under high temperature and prevent open fire within 750 degrees. There are also full inside built-in protections to guard your devices against overheating, overcurrent, overloading, overvoltage, lowvoltage, short-circuit, etc. All-around safety guards can keep your devices from damages and ensure a safe charging environment for yourself. 

Wall Mountable 

This is also a wall mountable USB charger that is easy to be installed and used. On the back of the power strip, there are plug adapters and one screw. You can mount the power surge protector anywhere on the wall stably. Cables won’t be placed on the floor and it will be easier for you to manage device cables with the charger on the wall. You don’t have to worry that children will touch the devices to get electronic shock by mounting the strip higher or hiding on the back of furniture. 

The BESTEK newly designed power strip can meet your multiple charging needs with 5 AC outlets and 4 USB ports. The 4 USB ports include one 1A port, 2 auto identified ports with 0~2.4A and one Type-C port, suitable for any USB devices. All-around protections with 900J surge protection make it safer to charge your devices with this wall mountable USB power strip. The two swivel outlets and top cellphone holder makes the strip unique and multi-functional. The price is not higher than others but it can bring more convenience to your life. If you’re looking for a good power strip, don’t miss this new arrival – BESTEK 5-port wall surge protector with 4 USB port. 

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