Is a Car Power Inverter Essential for Traveling?

April 10th, 2019


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What should you do if your cellphone is found to be power-hungry when you’re going to take it out for taking a photo of the beautiful landscapes. If you don’t have a portable power bank, you may need a car power inverter to help you out. You can connect the power inverter to the car battery, then you can plug your cellphones directly into the inverter AC outlets or USB ports to keep it going. 

What is a power inverter?

Power Inverter: the whole process of converting direct current to alternating current is called inverter; the circuit that finishes the whole converting process is inverter circuit, and the device that makes current converting successfully is electric power inverter . (the device that converts DC current to AC current)

The power inverter for car can not only convert current but also can provide all-around protections of current and circuit. It uses voltage isolation technology and intelligent recognition technology. Built-in voltage isolation protection and 2 replaceable 40A fuses, it is safe to use. Made of heavy-duty aluminum materials, the inverter is solid and durable, also applicable to rough areas like a campsite or remote villages, and also has good heat dissipation and Oxidation resistance.

BESTEK 500W Power Inverter is your Perfect Travel Companion

Allow you to charge laptops, cellphones, etc. easily and fast with multiple charging outlets and compact design wherever you go, a good choice for travel, business, and other outdoor activities.

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MIchael Chevillot
Nov 2018
First Poster
MIchael Chevillot says...

What a great product!!! This is PERFECT!!!! I cannot tell you how many times I dreamed of something that would solve my charging issues on the go and like I said this is PERFECT. I can also use it with my generator.

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