Real Protective Power Strips Keep Kids Away from Danger

May 10th, 2019


Power supply


Electricity is an essential power source which brings much convenience to our daily life, and at the mean have hidden dangers, especially to kids who have little knowledge about electricity and electric devices. With an increasing number of household appliances used at home, there are more and more power chargers and sockets, etc. , which also increase the occurrence of accidents.


As we know, the power strips are normally installed at somewhere easy to reach for the case of convenience. But children are curious about anything new to them and like touching and grabbing things with fingers as adults do. They may put the keys, pins, hairpins or any other metal objects into the outlets which can conduct electricity, thus causing electric shock.


At present, according to the national standard, all the power chargers or sockets must be designed with safety doors. The safety doors are the safety isolation tools that are designed inside of the jack socket. The safety shutters can not only protect kids from electric shock but also can prevent dust and water. When choosing a power strip, it is highly recommended for adults to purchase those with safety shutters.


In addition, a power strip that features with a fire retardant is one of the important security assurance conditions. A qualified power strip should be made with premium housing materials that is insulating and can protect the circuit. BESTEK power strip and surge protectors are all made of 100% V-0 flame-resistant materials that can endure ultra high temperature with up to 850°.


Furthermore, the inner structure of a power strip cant be neglected, either. The best inner structure of a power strip should be integrated phosphor bronze materials that have good electricity conduction and heat dissipation. The inner structure of traditional power strips are copper wire and copper sheet, which are easy to cause a short circuit and overheating because of poor heat dissipation, and even cause sparks if there is a poor connection.


To guarantee the safety of users are the first aim for BESTEK. All BESTEK electronic products especially power strip surge protectors or other power chargers, are made of high-quality anti-fire materials, built-in all-around protections to prevent short circuit, overheating, overcurrent, overloading, etc. For the inner structure, we all use the premium integrated phosphor bronze materials, to ensure good conduction and safety assurance.


For the safety of your kids, change a good power strip. 

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