What Should You Know When Buying a Power Strip

April 14th, 2019


Power supply


Power strips and surge protectors are one of the most frequently used in our daily life. Though the power strip is not a valuable device like some household appliances, it plays an important role in the safety of life. Many security accidents occur due to the misuse of power strips, which may bring inconvenience to your life and even threaten the safety of you and your family. As the first safeguard for home, it must be prudent to choose a power strip. 

Things you should know when buying a power strip

Package and craftsmanship: qualified products should be complete in introductions to manufacturer and product including materials, date of manufacture, size, etc. on the package. The housing materials of qualified power strips are exquisite without any burrs on the shell and sockets and all the outlets are evenly distributed. 

Hand Feeling: electrical power strip measured up to national standards are heavier; push the switch repeatedly. A good power strip has a smooth opening and closing with a crackling sound; has comfortable hand feelings when plugging in and out all the charging outlets; the power cord is neither too hard nor too soft and can connect to the socket stably. 

Certification: check whether it is approved the related certifications, like ETL Certification?RoHS Standard?FCC Certification.

After-sale service: customers should not be keen on getting things on the cheap when purchasing a power strip surge protector , but should firmly believe the power strip brand as many power strips from small manufacturer are not reliable. Only do base on this can ensure you good after-sale service after purchasing.

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