What Is the Role of the Car Power Inverter?

April 13th, 2019


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The power inverter for car is an electrical device that can convert DC 12V current to AC 220V power for common electric appliances. The power inverter is very popular both in domestic and foreign markets. It is perfect for keeping appliances or electric tools on the go by connecting the car battery when traveling overseas or taking a business trip. 

With an increasing number of personal vehicles, the DC12v to AC 220V power inverter which is one of common-used car electrionics and plays a role in converting direct current to alternating current on the road, is ought to make life easier than before. The output through a cigarette lighter socket could be 75W, 150W, 1000W pure sine wave, 1500W, 2000W, etc. 

The BESTEK 500W DC to AC power converter is featured with dual USB ports compatible with almost all essential electronic devices like laptops, digital portables such as video camcorder, digital camera, iPad,iPod, cell phone, PSP, DVD player, etc.


The 500W power inverter comes with two smart USB ports designed with advanced intelligent regonize technology, thus can detect each automatically detect each connected device and deliver the optimal charging speed per port with total 4.8A output. Meanwhile, the inverter is built-in voltage isolation technology and all-around protecitons including overload protection to keep your devices from damages. It is a easier, faster and safer way to charge all your power-hungry devices. 

BESTEK is the leading manufacturer of car power inverter, power strip, surge protector and home appliance, etc. Join us now to win home appliances at only $0.01 plus free shipping. 


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